Reduce operating costs & fill vacancies faster

Numa uses AI to quickly respond to tour and tenant requests, freeing up property managers and agents from time-consuming coordination.
Can I schedule a tour for a one-bedroom unit?
Yes! I can help you with that.

"With just this one call, Numa immediately paid for itself!"

MW8 Living PDX
Learn how Numa filled a vacant unit while the office was closed.

A property manager's new best friend

Instant responses fill vacancies faster

Numa gets back to prospective renters 24/7, saving leasing agents from missing calls after hours and putting you ahead of the competition.

  • Handles both incoming calls and messages
  • Easy auto-responses to tour requests
  • Empowers leasing agent to focus on closing
  • Makes booking tours faster, without extra staff
Missed call, requested text
I just found out I need to move by next Monday and I’d like a two bedroom, one bath. Do you have anything available I can see right tomorrow?
Yes! I have two units available.
Can you come at 10am?

24/7 visibility to quickly prioritize renter requests

Numa gives your property manager full real-time visibility into messages to filter and prioritize time-sensitive requests.

  • Immediate responses so renters feel heard
  • Renters prefer texting in most situations
  • 24/7 Real-time notifications to review requests
  • Saves hours of listening to voicemails and returning calls
Voice Message
Hi there, it’s John in unit 3, the washer is leaking a little bit so we put a bowl under it. Can someone come by tomorrow?
John, please turn off the water. I’ll have someone there within 2 hours.
@Bill can you check out unit 3?

"It's like a huge upgrade for us. It's fundamentally better and we can respond in off hours and they know we're here listening."

Find out how one property manager used Numa to catch an after-hours issue that could have cost thousands of dollars if left overnight.

Upgrading with Numa is stress-free

Works with your existing systems

Numa seamlessly works with any existing phone line, computer, or other hardware, making it user-friendly for managers and agents.

Fast, painless setup

Setting up Numa is simple. No IT team or PhDs required. We'll get your properties up and running in just 15 minutes.

Unlimited calls and texts

No hidden fees or complicated contracts. Get unlimited usage for one low monthly fee, cancel any time.

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