Numa helps restaurants
Waterman's Surfside Grille of Virginia Beach used Numa to tackle headaches around a constantly ringing phone and busy staff.
In two days, it paid for itself.
Mark W. Owner, Women's Retail Franchise
We don’t want a customer calling, not reaching us, then moving on to one of our competitors... Numa is a no brainer.
Ray P. Owner, Fitness Retail Chain
Numa was so easy to set up. All I had to do was log in, set up call forwarding, and we were in business.
Cortney B. Marketing Manager, Restaurant
There is definitely ROI. We have booked appointments by Numa that we normally would have missed.
Lisa G. Owner, Massage & Beauty Service
It’s hard to train all of our staff on any new initiative and have them execute correctly from the beginning. It’s as close to working flawlessly as any new procedure we have implemented company-wide.
Graham H. Owner, Restaurant Franchise
Numa gives us the opportunity to catch business before they call somewhere else [... ] Now if we miss calls, Numa answers them two minutes later by text.
Jane F. Owner, CrossFit Gym
Numa has absolutely improved our customer experience. Customers find it really easy to use and like that they get fast responses.
Rachel F. Operations Manager, Auto-Mechanic
90% of our appointments are booked by phone. Callbacks for voice mail messages are labor-intensive and problematic. Often clients don’t leave a message, or it’s incoherent. I realized Numa could help me better service my clients, without having to hire an employee to pick up the phone.
Chelsea R. Owner, Salon
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