Customer Inbox

Get back to customers quickly with less headaches.

Numa's inbox makes it easy to stay on top of new customers and amaze existing ones.

Less Work, Happier Customers
Fantastic ROI

How Numa's inbox helps you

Super Inbox

Give customers the choice to switch to text messaging

Assignments + Routing

Use Numa's AI to set

AI Assistant

Playback with transcriptions

Team Chat

Web and mobile apps

Numa makes it easy

One Place
All Your Customers

Numa's inbox focuses on the customer—pooling conversations from SMS, web widget, Google My Business, Facebook, and voice messages into a single place.

+ Nudges

Flexible rules for notifying that makes sure the right people are looped in without letting a conversation fall-through. Even manager configurable do not disturb hours for hourly workers.


iOS and Android apps makes it possible that no lead or customer goes unanswered.

We're always
here to help

Your dedicated Numa Expert will make sure you're all set-up. We're always available via e-mail, chat, texting, and phone.