AI Automation

Have you ever seen an answering machine that actually answers?

Numa's AI-powered assistant handles
common customer questions fast and accurately.

Less work. More happy customers.

Why is Numa different?

Real words, not keywords

Numa uses machine learning to understand customers the same way they'd chat with you; real phrases, slang, typos. Other systems rely on keywords and awkward commands that frustrate customers.

Self-driving or hybrid

Numa puts you in full control of how the AI helps your business. The AI always answers in the way you want. Still getting comfortable with AI? Turn Numa on suggestion mode to have the AI help your team without immediately answering customers.

On-the-job training

Numa pays attention and can learn to answer more common questions for you. You can easily add new responses specific to your business.

Saves you time and money

Numa's AI makes it easier for your team to consistently answer customers while spending less time training your staff. While a phone call dominates a single employee, Numa makes it possible for one team member to handle many simultaneous customers.

What Numa helps with...

Numa's AI can handle many topics. Here's a few examples: